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CE Back Office – Outsourced Payroll Services.

Accurate payroll services delivered on time, every time.

A payroll bureau designed to meet your business needs and help run your business effectively.

CE Back Office – Payroll Outsourcing Specialists

Why Choose CE Back Office?

We exist to make payroll simple, we believe employers should be able to operate payroll easily, whilst using it to improve employee engagement.


No Hidden Cost's

Fixed price per payslip model removed the risk of fixed payroll costs and ensures your costs match your business needs ideal if you have seasonal variation, project based work or engage with casual workers.

Flexible Payroll Cycles

Multiple payroll cycles to fit in with your business needs allowing the processing of late timesheets keep employees, workers and subcontractors engaged.

Efficient Service

Quick payroll turnaround to match your business needs.


Simple Pricing

No hidden costs. The price we quote is the price you pay.

Bespoke Service

Our services work around your needs from personalised timesheet submissions to bespoke payroll reporting.

Real People

No Call Centres

Deal with your designated account manager who understands your payroll and can help with all your payroll queries. Click here to meet the faces behind CE Back Office. 

Customer Success Stories

5D Health Protection Group

Summary: CE Back Office have helped 5D successfully manage a variable payroll with fixed term contractors while supporting 5D with their auto-enrolment…
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Customer Success Stories

Rolf C Hagen

Summary: CE Back Office support Rolf C Hagen by providing a payroll process which is smoother, more efficient, much more flexible and more robust than ever…
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Customer Success Stories

Quest Pay Solutions

Summary: CE Back Office have helped QPS successfully manage the changeable payroll associated with temporary workers and have reduced temporary worker…
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