Corporate Socially Responsibility, often shortened to CSR, is seen to be an important factor when it comes to business. 9 out of 10 consumers expects businesses to address social and environmental issues. But what about your Employer Brand?

Can CSR really make an impact on recruitment and retention of employees? We think so and here is how.


1 – Use CSR to help show your company ethos and values

Every successful business has a mission statement and core values. These often serious and relatively permanent features can sometimes be difficult to communicate to customers, employees, and prospective applicants. Demonstrating these values through illustrative examples of CSR can effectively communicate a company’s values in a more meaningful manner.

2 – Get your employees talking about you can increase number of recruitment referrals from employees

One of the best ways to recruit is to get referrals from your current employees. In fact, the Global Employee Referral Index 2013 found that 92% of participants reported employee referrals as one of the top recruiting sources. Out of the 92%, 76% of respondents recruited more than 50% of their annual hires through referrals. Having examples from CSR to illustrate a company’s ethos and values will help increase the number of employees talking about you and therefore lead to more referrals.

3 – Make your employees proud to work for you and increase employee retention

Jeff Swartz, CEO of Timberland believes their commitment to CSR is reflected in lower staff turnover, In fact, Swartz argues that it is even more important than employee benefits. Undercover Recruiter found that 53% of workers say a ‘job where they can make an impact’ is important in their happiness.

4 – Help attract millennials

In the same study completed by Undercover Recruiter, it was reported than social responsibility is even more important to Millennials with 72% of students about to enter employment highlighting that a ‘job where they can make an impact’ is important to their happiness.

5 – Increased transparency and involvement can improve employee engagement.

To maximise success, transparency is vital. Getting your employees to help choose CSR initiatives will increase employee engagement. As will actively involving employees with your CSR activities. The same can be true to getting your clients involved too. For example, the Recruitment Agency Recrity operate a 20% charity donation for each placement fee they charge. Each client gets to choose a charity of their choice getting them involved and engaged in the programme.


We think it’s time to review your CSR policy now to make sure it’s making a positive impact on your Employer Brand. You can find out more about the initiatives CE Back Office have been involved in here

Did you know that getting payroll wrong can negatively impact your Employer Brand?

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