The Taylor Review is an independent evaluation of modern working practices within Britain today. The review was completed by Matthew Taylor, a former policy chief to Tony Blair. According to the review, its overriding objective is that all work in the UK economy should be fair and decent with realistic scope for development and fulfillment.

What did The Taylor Review say?

The Review states where it believes there are gaps in the law and how this should be changed. It acknowledges the emergence of the ‘gig economy’, and in response believes that a new category of worker should be created, namely dependent contractors, to ensure that those who work in the modern labour market have their rights protected. Furthermore, it also believes that clearer definitions need to be devised between an employee and a worker. There is suggestions that clarity within the law would help many individuals who do not know their status.

The report also provides recommendations for the self-employed, acknowledging that they are afforded no rights in law, but may benefit from a platform that enables them to collectively voice their issues. It was also noted that self-employed and those who work in the gig economy need more support and guidance on pensions and applicable rates of tax.

What about worker flexibility?

Interestingly, the review did not advocate the abolishment of zero hours contracts, due to the flexibility it gives to those who need it. However, it did suggest that for those who constantly receive work for a period of 12 months or more should have the right to request a fixed contract from their employer.

The Taylor Review’s suggestion on job training.

The review also delves into how both on the job and off the job training has recently dwindled. The review strongly advocates for good links to be established between education and work, calling it life-long learning. As a consequence this will in turn develop individual’s skills meaning they can adapt to the ever evolving labour market.

You can read more on the the Taylor Review here.

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