So much of our working and personal life involves the cloud. So why is the update of e-payslips so slow. Are you missing out? We think so and here’s why;

If you’re thinking of rolling out e-payslips, check out our blog on how to communicate this with your employees.

  1. 1. More cost effective– There can be huge savings to be made by using e-payslips including no postage and cost of specialised envelopes.


  1. 2. Immediate availability – There is no delay in the distributing time of e-payslips.


  1. 3. Accessible 24 hours– From shift workers wanting copies of their payslips outside of office hours to employees requesting their historic payslips, it is all available online in one easily accessed portal.


  1. 4. More secure– A unique log in and password for each individual means that it is a protected portal and is safer then paper payslips floating around the office.


  1. 5. Support your green policy– Your companies environmental impact is something you may or may not be aware of however using e-payslips is an easy way to improve your impact.


If you want to find out more about e-payslips contact CE Back Office today:

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