To make sure your re-enrolment experience is successful we thought we’d share with you the 5 most common mistakes (for you to avoid)…


1. Trying to do it all yourself

‘60% of managers listed administration as their top re-enrolment concern.’ If like most owner managers you hate dealing with administration, don’t be part of the statistic and allow re-enrolment to become a daunting issue. Taking re-enrolment on yourself can increase pressure and in turn increase risk, causing it to become a complex, time-consuming task. Understand your options. This may be using online resources to guide you through your re-enrolment process or outsourcing your payroll and having the weight taken off you.

2. Burying your head in the sand

Keep your contact details up to date with the Pension Regulator, as leading up to your three year auto-enrolment anniversary you will receive email and letters to keep you notified. Don’t bury your head in the sand and ignore these communications, use the information provided by the pension regulator during your re-enrolment process.

3.Trying to shift the responsibility

Not all payroll providers are made equal. Unlike us, some payroll providers may not send communication letters or complete a re-declaration of compliance etc. It is your legal duty as an employer, to understand what payroll provider services include and ensure that all re-enrolment duties are adhered to.

4. Failing to talk the talk

You must contact each employee you are re-enrolling within 6 weeks of doing so as a legal obligation (and no a chat around the coffee machine doesn’t count!!). Your pension provider may deliver this service, however it is your duty to ensure that this process has been completed. If you do get letters from your payroll or pension provider, make sure you don’t leave them sat at the bottom of your to-do pile!

5. Not taking credit for your hard work

Most fines from the pension regulator have come from employers who have met their re-enrolment obligations but have not completed their re-declaration. Your re-declaration of compliance must be submitted within 5 months of the third anniversary of your automatic enrolment staging date. Ensure you have time to complete this as failing to do so may result in fines from the Pension Regulator. Please also be aware that even if you are not re-enrolling any employees a re-declaration of compliance must still be submitted.

The fool proof way to avoid these mistakes is to get some expert advice (that’s us by the way!) and put your feet up! Get in touch to talk about how we can help, or alternatively read our other blogs on re-enrolment…

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