Being the bearer of bad news is difficult for any employer. Bad news can be taken in different ways and it is often difficult to gage this. We have detailed a few tips below on how to handle delivering bad news in the most successful way;


Letting employees know as soon as possible:

Providing early warnings will help employees process bad news in a better way, or potentially even give them the chance to prevent it. Employees have a right to be the first to know of any bad news that regards them, therefore letting them know sooner rather than later, is the moral thing to do. 

Being open in your responsibility:

Being as open as possible about what has happened will help the situation. Ensuring employees know the full situation allows them deal with it in the most effective way. Doing this will also help build their confidence in the situation, creating an environment where employees feel they can be open in speaking about their problems and mistakes they have made. This also avoids a blame culture within the work place and makes for a more open and honest environment.



Being as honest and open as possible may seem daunting or unproductive but in fact this can stop speculation, gossip and worrying. Being transparent will help to build trust within the company and ensure that the news you are delivering is accurate and correct, and has not been passed on by third parties, creating further issues. 


Look for the positives:

Finding a positive in a negative is always a good thing to do. This also helps in finding a solution to the problem or dealing with the bad news you are delivering, reassuring the employee that you are there to help where possible. A positive take on the bad news may also help the employee see the news in a different light.



When delivering bad news, it is important to sympathise with the emotional reaction of your employee. Difficult news can be hard to hear. It is important to show your employee that you care about how the bad news has affected them. 

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