For an employer extreme weather can cause lots of travel disruption, causing late and ever absent employees. Here are our tips on how to handle this…

  • If an employee’s child’s school or nursery closes, they have the right to take unpaid time off to look after dependants and make childcare arrangements.
  • Employers can insist that employees use holiday days if there have been severe weather warnings issued. In order to enforce this the employer must give at least two days’ notice for one day of annual leave.
  • If the workplace is closed due to severe weather conditions, employees are still entitled to be paid and employers cannot require that the time is taken as annual leave. However, in this instance, an employer can ask that the employee works from home or from another office.
  • Employers do not legally have to pay employees if they cannot make it into work when the workplace is open. This is due to the employee not fulfilling his or her contract. Despite this, employers may have a policy to pay employees in circumstances where they are unable to get to work due to severe weather conditions.

Our best advice is to be clear to employees in advance of your policy to ensure clear expectations over the winter period!

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