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 Team Building Days Out

How to know if you are exempt from benefit in kind deductions for team building days out;

Official conditions state that, ‘as long as the training is designed to ‘impart, instil or improve or reinforce any knowledge or skills likely to prove useful when performing duties of any relevant employment.’

Therefore if a training day you put together for your team can be justified under the above rulings, e.g. improving your employee’s teamwork, creative or leadership skills then you would be able to claim tax deduction on the cost.

Team days out will not be exempt from benefit in kind deductions if;

  • The activity has no relevance to the job in which you are employing them in.
  • It is a ‘reward’ for the directors and or employees.

Representing the Company

  • If you are representing the company, for example at an awards ceremony, it could be tax exempt if you can demonstrate that this is wholly and exclusively due to your role as an employee of the business.

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