Last Christmas Argos recruited over 10,000 seasonal staff. Here are our top tips to ensure you recruit the best talent and stay ahead of your competitor…


Plan early

 Remember the phrase the early bird catches the work. This phrase rings true when it comes to hiring seasonal staff. Recruiting for the winter session should start no later than September.

Be clear in your job adverts

Add seasonal / winter to the job title and be honest about the duties and hours you require the worker to do. This way you’ll attract the right talent and won’t waste your time screening the wrong candidates.

Offer the right perks and benefits

Be clever, staff discounts are always a big hit with some employers giving as much as 50%off but other perks like scheduling non-working days together can be really attractive to seasonal workers. Offering an end of season bonus can also prove effective when trying to retain talent for the whole winter season.

Recruit ex-employees

From last year’s seasonal workers to retired employees, taking on ex-employees can keep recruitment and training costs down.

Start a refer a friend scheme

These recommended workers are more likely to have the right background and cultural fit plus recruitment costs are lowered as it the time to hire.

Recruit on culture not just skills

Remember these workers will likely have an impact on your customers during your busiest period and they need to reflect your values.

If your taking on seasonal staff and are worried about holiday accrual, monitoring minimum wage or creating a new benefits package get in touch about our free payroll health check.

 Merry Christmas!

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