Did you know that employers with a high level of employee engagement, report 22% higher levels of productivity?

The first reason most of us go to work is for the money, so one of the quickest ways to trash your levels of employee engagement is to mess up payroll. Our top tips will help you keep your employees engaged and ensure your workforce remains productive…


Technology makes it easy for employers of all sizes to give their employees easy access to payroll data. From e payslip portals so employees can quickly check their hours, to HR systems showing holiday entitlement. Both allow transparency and build confidence in the relationship between employer and employee.

Descriptive Payroll Components

Breaking your payroll components down can make it easier for employees to check their payslip and help build confidence in their payroll department. Think about splitting up different shift types or showing the weekday worked. By importing hours onto your payroll system this doesn’t have to be time consuming for payroll either.

Encourage Feedback

However good your payroll team is it’s rare for payroll to achieve 100% accuracy. Build a culture that allows your employees to provide feedback on the issues they experience. But don’t forget communication is a two way street. Don’t forget to share the changes your payroll team are making to improve the user experience so they know you care about getting it right.

If you want to find out how to improve your payroll function to ensure you’re not damaging employee engagement in your workplace, click here to get in touch to discuss how a payroll health check could help your business…

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