Do you get lots of payroll queries from workings enquiring about their pay? Net pay texts are a simple solution to a time consuming problem…

How do they work?

  • Firstly, you will need the mobile numbers of all of your employees.
  • After each payroll run, you or your payroll provider should run a report off from your payroll software, to obtain all mobile numbers and net pay data (including employee ID’s to match mobile numbers.) The mobile number reports and net pay reports can be consolidated to match the net pay of a worker to the correct mobile number.
  • This file can then be uploaded to software such as ‘Text Marketer.’ This allowing you to upload the mobile numbers and net pay file to a ‘group’ which can be then be customised and sent to your employees. Texts can be scheduled to suit you and your employees.


Benefits For Employees…

  • Employees will feel reassured that they know exactly how much they are getting paid, at a regular time before each pay date.
  • Employees will feel like they have direct communication and can reply to a text if they have any queries.
  • Creates an open and transparent environment for workers and therefore improves engagement.
  • Saves them time so they won’t have to log on to Payslip portals to see how much they are getting paid.

Benefits For Employers…

  • Reduced phone queries will result in more time to complete other tasks.
    Understandably, wages are a big part of why employees go to work and therefore if they feel like they are on top of their earnings and their employer is helping this they are less likely to want to leave, reducing staff turnover.


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