Success Story: 5D Health Protection Group

SME with fixed term contractors


CE Back Office have helped 5D successfully manage a variable payroll with fixed term contractors while supporting 5D with their auto-enrolment obligations.


5D Health Protection Group are a SME technology company specialising in biofilm science. They approached CE Back Office in 2016 when they were looking to outsource payroll due to the flexibility required for payroll of fixed term contractors.


5D Health Protection group were facing fixed and upfront costs of upgrading their IRIS software to accommodate the processing of additional fixed term contractors. At the same time, they were about to stage for auto-enrolment and were concerned about the complexity and time required to prepare for their obligations. Payroll was becoming more expensive and more time consuming.

After researching other payroll software options 5D then approached CE Back Office about outsourced payroll services after being recommended by their accountant.

How CE Back Office Helped:

CE Back Office offer a fixed price per payslip charging model allowing payroll costs to meet changing demand for 5D. Dedicated payroll support allowed smooth on-boarding of multiple fixed term contractors at short notice which would otherwise have to be dealt with by their financial controller. All auto-enrolment obligations were dealt with by CE Back Office saving the need to understand the granular detail.

Dr Steven Percival, 5D Health Protection Group. said,

‘We’ve saved an hour per payroll cycle and at least half a day as part of end of year processing without taking into consideration the extra work around auto-enrolment. In addition, we have peace of mind that our payroll is compliant.’
‘The ongoing support such as quick reminders when our payroll submission is late is really helpful. The quick turnaround really helps when we receive late details of new starters.’

‘The price for outsourcing is less than some of the software options on the market and can be flexed up and down to match our needs. We have the benefit of the payroll expertise included with CE Back Office. Being able to work with a trusted payroll provider is invaluable.’

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