Success Story: Rolf C Hagen Limited

Pet Product Manufacturer and Distributor


CE Back Office support Rolf C Hagen by providing a payroll process which is smoother, more efficient, much more flexible and more robust than ever.


Rolf C Hagen manufacture and distribute pet products. They have 72 salaried employees paid on a monthly basis with varied pay elements including 3 different overtime rates, bonus payments, expenses and deductions.


Rolf C Hagen had enjoyed a long standing relationship with their existing service provider, but over time that relationship had gone stale. Response times and quality of service had slipped, along with value added insight and the ability to respond quickly and professionally to emerging legislation and business needs. Rolf C Hagen were concerned that if they didn’t change their outsourced service limitations might ultimately start to influence commercial decision making within the business, and staff morale and engagement would begin to drop.

How CE Back Office helped

Rolf C Hagen went to market and shortlisted four suppliers, two national service providers and two smaller boutique firms, one of which was CE Back Office after a LinkedIn recommendation. Phil Parkinson reflects on the review process; ‘The most important part of the evaluation process was quality of service – we take our responsibility to our staff extremely seriously and will not accept any risk of non compliance or other critical failure in our payroll process. With CE Back Office we immediately felt confident that the team had robust systems to minimise that risk, and took the issue at least as seriously as our management team does. We also felt strongly that they would deal quickly and professionally with any issue that should arise.’

Getting up and running was quick and smooth and, to a large extent, painless. Rolf C Hagen were entered into a parallel payroll with their current provider for a payroll cycle after agreeing the contract and were live for the second month.

The hardest part was ensuring that the reporting was consistent with historic reports. By going through this process together, a number of areas in the historic reporting were identified to be either inconsistent or unhelpful. The revised reporting is stronger and much more transparent.

Phil from Rolf C Hagen has been impressed with the service received from CE Back Office over the last 12 months. ‘With CE Back Office we can pick up the phone at any time and know that if they can provide a resolution it will be with us before the end of the day, even when it meant meant substantial redesign in their use of software. More importantly the last year has shown us that if CE Back Office need to contact other external agencies (such as HMRC) they do so quickly and effectively to resolve tax office issues on behalf of our staff. I haven’t had to chase up an answer once from the team – they always beat me to the phone.’

Phil Parkinson, Finance and Operations Director said,

Our payroll process is smoother, more efficient, much more flexible and more robust than ever. CE back office has provided a greatly improved service at a reduced cost. What more could you ask for?

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