We all love a holiday and our temps are no different. How clued up are you on the rules around holiday pay for temporary workers?


1 – Agency worker regulations (2010) confirms that agency workers are entitled to a minimum of 28 days holiday per year pro rata.

2 – After 12 weeks temporary workers are entitled to same holiday entitled at permanent equivalent (and same working conditions and basic pay) as a result of AWR.

3 – Agency workers who have not taken their accrued holiday entitlement by the time they leave employment should be paid for this holiday pay (known as ‘payment in lieu’).

4 – Bank holidays and public holidays can be included in a temporary workers minimum entitlement.

5 – You cannot add an amount in top of a worker’s hourly rate (known as rolled up holiday pay). This is unlawful as workers should be encouraged to take leave from work for health and safety reasons. Rolled up holiday pay discourages workers from taking time off as they would not be paid for this period.


If you are pay-rolling temporary workers or casual workers check out our blog on how to calculate holiday pay for workers without fixed hours or pay.
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