1 in 4 people in the UK will experience mental health problems each year. A recent survey identified the recruitment sector as the most stressful working environment, with around 82% of consultants claiming to be stressed whilst at work (rec.uk.com). We’ve shared some top tips to help you successfully manage mental health at work…

1        Create an open culture where mental well being is discussed in the workplace and tackle the stigma surrounding it. This needs to start with leadership and should be communicated regularly in the workplace.
     Promote positive mental health. Awareness is important but empowering employees to look after themselves and their colleagues. Empower employees but offer training that promotes positive mental health such as mindfulness.
3      Reduce work related stress. Work related stress is a known trigger for anxiety and depression. Consider stressful situations and how these can be better managed in the workplace.
4       Manage the hours employees work. Working long hours and not switching off from work is known to negatively impact mental well being. Review your policies and change your culture to tackle the issues of presenteeism such as includes employees checking emails late at night to working while on holiday.
      Have trained mental health first aiders. All line managers should be trained in mental health first aid to ensure they can give support to employees where needed.
      Increase awareness so that employee and managers can spot the early signs which include an increase in absenteeism, poor performance or time keeping, poor decision making, lack of energy.
      Encourage early detection. A proactive approach to mental health allows early treatment and can reduce the rate of the onset of more serious issues.
      Empower and support employees. Include understanding triggers and making reasonable adjustments to avoid them, offering flexible working or phased return to works.


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