On the surface it can be tricky to see how offering perks and benefits will improve your business. Read the 5 key reasons why going above and beyond for your employees will help you and your business thrive…

Increase Efficiency 

When workers feel content and appreciated they will want to give more back. Showing that you value your workers will in turn encourage them to be more productive, creative and cooperative within their working environment and will offer more to you and their coworkers.

Decrease Turnover of Staff 

Offering perks and benefits will improve company culture and morale and happier employees make for a happier work environment… And happier employees are much less likely to seek work elsewhere. Did you know? 79% of employees say that they have left a job due to lack of appreciation. So get to it, offer perks and benefits and make sure you are retaining your talent and avoiding costly recruitment and training fees.

Healthier Employees

Offering employees access to health and dental plans will encourage them to attend regular check ups and will help them to stay on top of their own well-being. Flip this into a positive for your business and employees should be in top-top condition, increasing work performance and reducing time off due to illnesses.

Increased Loyalty

Employers that feel like they are working under a team that care about their well-being and want to reward their hard work, will no doubt feel an increased sense of loyalty and will take pride in their work and the company. Did you know? 70% of employees believe that benefits customised to their needs would increase their loyalty to their company.

Increase Business Appeal

Companies that don’t offer benefits and perks have a smaller appeal than companies that do. Did you know? 53% of employees that receive benefits and perks say that they give them a better quality of life. Therefore offering such packages will appeal to potential talent and help to put you one step ahead of the rest.

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