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Sickness and Pregnancy

Who Is Entitled? Although there are conditions regarding SSP and SMP, in a nutshell, pregnant employees that are sick have the same rights to be paid sick leave as all other employees. When Should I Pay? There are different rules around when SSP should be paid to...

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Reclaiming Statutory Payments

What? All employers can reclaim 92% of statutory payments, excluding statutory sick pay. If the business qualifies for Small Employers’ Relief (if you have paid £45,000 or less in Class 1 National Insurance) 103% of statutory payments can be reclaimed. How? Reclaiming...

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A Guide To Parental Leave

What? Parental leave allows for time for employees to look after their child(ren). This time can be, to spend time with their child(ren), look for schools or settle into a new childcare situation. Generally, this time off is unpaid and an employer is under no...

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