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9 Steps to a Smooth Year End

Year end is near. But don’t panic. We’re summarised the steps to help ensure your year end runs smoothly... 1 – Get your P60s ready Some of you, like us, will be utilising electronic P60s which are HMRC approved. These are a great time saving tool and cost effective....

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Apprenticeships… What Are They?

What? In a nutshell apprentices are a period of on the job training. Essentially allowing people from the age of 16 and above to gain skills and recognised qualifications whilst being paid. Dependent on the apprenticeship and the level of qualification that is being...

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Top 5 Causes of Absences in The Workplace

When trying to prevent absenteeism as an employer, it is important to understand common trends in employee sickness… 1. Minor illnesses Although this is a less serious kind of sickness, in recent years 75% of short term absences were attributed to minor illnesses such...

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